Enrollment Information

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Oasis Academy accepts applications only during a designated open enrollment period in accordance with Nevada law, with two exceptions. 

First, if a grade level is not full, applications will be accepted and students enrolled. 

Second, active-duty military families who receive orders to NAS Fallon may apply outside of the open enrollment period.  If this applies to your family, please call the school for full details at 775-423-5437 or email srichards@oanv.org.

Oasis Academy gives enrollment preference to board member children, employee children, and siblings of enrolled students in accordance with Nevada law.

OASIS ACADEMY is committed to a discrimination and harassment free, working, and learning environment.  Discrimination and harassment adversely affect morale and productivity and interfere with students ability to learn.  Discrimination and harassment of any person on the basis of that person’s actual or perceived race, color, national origin, sex (including non-conformity to gender stereotypes), sexual orientation, age, disability, and/or religious preference in the enrollment process is prohibited.