Senior Aaliyah Bullock

Senior Aaliyah Bullock found her professional calling through an internship this past summer. The senior completed an internship at Moffitt Animal Clinic and now plans to study veterinary science at the University of Nevada, Reno once she graduates in May.  

“My experience at Oasis was definitely worth the time, effort, and energy. I would like to thank Mr. Eric Grimes and Mrs. Julie Stockard for their genuine excitement whenever I would be doing well in classes. They would always be stocked full of useful knowledge and advice to help encourage me to the next step in my educational path. Making them proud was always very rewarding and I hope that the kids that come after me learn to recognize their passion and are able to be just as kind to them as they are to us,” said Bullock. 

Bullock’s favorite class was Geometry because of the exceptional teaching techniques she experienced in the class. “My favorite class to attend was Mr. Evan Brandt's geometry class because he approached concepts I found hard to grasp from many different angles and eventually in a manner that I could understand,” added Bullock. 

Oasis offers many activities for students to participate in and Bullock has been active throughout her time at school. “I participated in Archery, cheer, and volleyball. My favorite memory from attending Oasis would be the time during the seniors vs teachers volleyball match my junior year. Mr. Brandt went flying into the air to make the killing spike, but ended up flying into the net and taking down a senior in the process. He got some serious air time!” 

As the senior gets ready to move on to her next steps, she has advice for future students, “Respect the people in charge of you. If you don't agree, I've found that the majority of them are willing to listen if you are respectful about it. Also, do not get discouraged during your path.There will be some times that are harder than others, but there isn't much more to do than to push forward. It may seem impossible, but the first step is starting. You know more than you think you do, you just have to commit, I promise.”