Keenan Waller

Senior Keenan Waller will graduate in May with his High School Diploma as well as his Associate of Science from Western Nevada College.

“My time at Oasis was overall enjoyable and I'm glad to be graduating from here,” said Waller. 

Starting at Oasis Academy College Prep his sophomore year of high school, Waller has enjoyed most one particular subject.

“My favorite subject has been my math classes, because they were the classes I was able to get through the easiest and quickest,” Waller explained. 

During his duration at the school, he’s had many memorable experiences with his friends and participated in both golf and played saxophone in the music ensemble. 

“I don't really have any one teacher to thank, all of my teachers have been great. But I would say Counselor Mr. Andy Lenon has been the most helpful throughout my time at Oasis,” Waller said. 

“The only advice I'd give would be to keep up with classes and not to put anything off,” finished Waller.

Upon graduating, Waller plans to either join the military or attend the University of Nevada, Reno.