Alyssa Salomon

It’s hard to pick just one favorite memory at Oasis for senior Alyssa Salomon. But the connections she’s made with fellow classmates, teachers, and the school has made her time special. 

I first started attending Oasis in the middle of my eighth grade year. At first I was skeptical, as would be any twelve year old when attending a new school, but I quickly was able to develop an appreciation for my school and the people,” said Salomon.

One of those people has been Counselor Andy Lenon.

“I’m sure a lot of students feel the same way, but the person I would like to thank most is Mr. Andy Lenon. He was always there to be not only a mentor, but also a friend. Mr. Lenon has created a safe place for students within the school and always helps us to reach our goals. He has shown kindness from my very first day at Oasis and I guarantee it’ll be the same until my last,” Salomon explained.

That level of support is something Salomon has found throughout her time at Oasis. 

“The teachers push students to work hard and succeed. I believe that if I attended any other school, I would not have the advantages in my education as I do today,” continued Salomon.  

She has been active in the school and has presented new ideas to make the student experience better. One of those ideas being the Oasis Cheer team.

“During eighth grade I pitched an idea to the school that we should start a cheer team. My freshman year I made it happen. Unfortunately this was put on pause for a little while due to the pandemic, but this year the team was back for basketball season with official cheer uniforms.” 

“My advice for future students is to work harder now and have fun later. Life will be so much easier this way. But also remember, if you’re happy doing whatever you’re doing, nobody can tell you that you’re not successful,” she added. 

Salomon will graduate in May with both her high school diploma and her Associate of General Studies from Western Nevada College. She then plans to attend Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona.