Matthew Christopherson

Oasis’ Jump Start College model with partner Western Nevada College has proven a good fit for Senior Matthew Christopherson. Through the program Christopherson has found his professional calling.

“I’d like to thank my Western Nevada College Professor Dr. Brigitte Dillet, she gave me my love for geoscience, specifically geology. She was a great influence and taught in a very intriguing way,” said Christopherson. 

“Geology is my favorite subject now and what I’ll study at Boise State. I love nature and I love learning how it was formed,” he added.

Christopherson started at Oasis in seventh grade. 

“The transition was hard at the beginning, I was a socially inept kid. But, I made friends with one person who introduced me to a larger group of kids and I’ve stuck with them ever since,” Christopherson explained.

“My favorite memories from Oasis all come from me and my friends growing up through middle school and high school, hanging out and doing classes together helped me through school a lot.”

In May, Christopherson will graduate with both his high school diploma and Associates of Applied Science from Western Nevada College. He will then pursue a degree in Geoscience as part of the Boise State Honors College.

“My advice for future students would be to create a relationship with your teacher or professor. When you are friends with the person that’s grading your assignments, you can ask for help and receive it in a more comfortable and friendly manner. I’ve always been a firm believer that no matter how smart or dumb you are, as long as you try your best and communicate with your teacher you can pass the class,” Christopherson said.