coach Gilbertson and Maynez

Coach Amanda Gilbertson is offering free strength and conditioning classes to all incoming 8th-12th grade students who are playing sports for the Bighorns next year. The Monday through Thursday classes are either from 6:30-7:45 a.m. or 8-9:15 a..m. and began June 12.

Classes will focus on speed and agility training, mobility and flexibility, strength training, injury prevention, and improving athletic performance.

“We offer this class in the summer (and during the school year) for three reasons: injury prevention, provide proper long-term athletic development, and give the student athletes a competitive edge that not all high schools have - a legitimate strength training program. The benefits of strength and conditioning in high school are infinite, but my biggest hope is that the students really buy into the program this year to help them be more competitive and prepare for the transition into 2A, “ said Coach Gilbertson. 

There are still spots available. Contact Gilbertson to enroll or for any questions at