Middle School Student Council Officers

After three days of campaigning, including hanging posters and giving speeches in front of the school, middle school student council has its officers for the 2023-24 school year. 

Election results included President Blake Bettis, Vice President Connor Tolman, Secretary Stevie Hiskett, and Treasurer Zayden Maynez.

Part of the election process was hearing what the students want for the school.

“I know there are clubs and sports the students would like to start, like chess and boys volleyball,” Maynez said.

All of the officers want to make sure this year is successful and memorable.

“I wanted to help out and make sure we have one of the best school years ever,” said Tolman.

“I decided to run to try something different,” Hiskett said. “I want the school to be successful because it’s helped me so much.”

“I agree,” added Bettis. “I want to lead this year’s student council and officers to success.”