Hert Donations

Oasis’ new high school building is on the brink of breaking ground. Knowing the impact that Oasis makes on student lives Steven and Brittany Hert with S.S. Hert Trucking generously donated $5,000 for the project. 

“We decided to donate to Oasis Academy because of their commitment to the kids of Churchill County. Their passion for delivering an outstanding educational experience is valued and appreciated by S.S. Hert Trucking. We have several employees’ whose children also attend Oasis Academy and they all share the positive impact the school has had on their children,” said Steven Hert.

The Herts currently have two children (Ella and Bennett) at the school and one alumnus (Kaitlyn).

“We are thrilled that there is a new building and campus for our Oasis students to call home in the future. We had one child graduate from Oasis in 2021 and she is excelling in college. We are happy to support the same opportunities for our younger children and all the Oasis families in the future,” added Brittany Hert.

“Having members of the community step up and support this project is so meaningful. People tend to think I can’t donate hundreds of thousands of dollars, but you know what it all adds up.  When somebody, like the Herts, call and say we want to do what we can, it means the world to our team to this project.”  Melissa Mackedon, CEO.