Gabriella Stiehl

Senior Class President Gabriella Stiehl started at Oasis in third grade. Her experience at Oasis has been one of growth and making memories.

“I was very shy during elementary school, then in middle school I grew out of my shell,” Stiehl said. “I realized how much life had to offer.”

Those middle school years lead her to a change in her focus.

“I started spending time focusing on school work and making memories with friends. In high school, I was so nervous but I’ve ended up having some of the best years of my life,” she said. 

Those memories include a favorite core memory.

“One of my favorite moments here at Oasis was when my friends and I were coming back from lunch and the sprinklers were on outside,” Stiehl explained. “It was really hot and we all decided that we would cool off by running through them. Even though we went to class soaked, we all enjoyed the time spent together.” 

Along with the memories Stiehl knows the value of the education she has received at Oasis. 

“Being a student at Oasis Academy has provided me with a good education along with the experience of growing up. I’ve learned so many things about myself and others here at Oasis and don’t regret anything,” she said. 

Stiehl has one teacher in particular she’d like to thank for his dedication.

“One teacher that I would like to thank is Mr. Eric Grimes. He was the most fun teacher that I had,” Stiehl said. “Even though I was not a fan of history, he made sure that I was still on top of my game. He showed me what an involved teacher at school looks like. He was and still is a teacher that demonstrates dedication and compassion towards students.” 

Along with academics Stiehl has been very involved in Student Council. She is currently the  Senior Class President, and has taken the lead or helped organize many of the school events and dances. 

“My favorite class has been and is currently student council. During that class, I have gotten to experience what it is like to be a part of something much bigger and gotten to be part of the decision making process,” she said.  

Stiehl will graduate in May with her associate of arts degree and high school diploma. She then plans to spend one last summer with family and friends while getting ready to attend Grand Canyon University.

“My advice for future students is to realize now that everyone is going to change and grow, so don’t get too caught up on the past. Also, involve yourself in school activities. You only get four years of high school. Therefore, make the most of them and encourage others to participate at events as well,” closed Stiehl.