Disney Retreat

Student Council spent two days at Disneyland in California focused on building and learning leadership skills. Students flew to California on Thursday and returned Sunday evening. They spent Friday and Saturday at Disneyland and Sunday in Long Beach at the local aquarium.

“Disneyland was a great way to practice leadership and get to know our student council members better. I was able to learn about our amazing group and make new friendships at the happiest place on Earth,” said Alyssa Ayers, Sophomore Class President. 

The retreat is scheduled for every other year. It was Advisor Eric Grimes’ first time organizing the trip for students. 

"This Leadership Retreat is a great opportunity for the students to learn some life skills in leadership and team building,” said Eric Grimes, Academic Advisor. “This trip was the idea of our previous advisor, Lisa Swan, and I am excited to continue this tradition for our students.”

All Student Council members are welcome to go on the trip with fundraising opportunities available. 

“Because we do this trip every other year it gives the students the opportunity to raise money themselves to help pay their own way. They learn the value of the dollar," Grimes said.

To learn more about Oasis Academy College Prep High School Student Council contact Mr. Eric Grimes at egrimes@oanv.org.