Jason Neumann

Senior Jason Neumann wants to make a difference in the lives of kids in the foster care system. It’s something he knows about first hand. 

“After graduation, my plan is to help foster children who struggle with trauma and pain. I am passionate about making a difference in their lives because of my life,” said Neumann.

Neumann knows the ups and downs of foster care.

“I have spent years in the foster care system. I have had pain and hardship, loss and sorrow. As well as, success, love and hope. I plan to start a Ministry called The House of Fire that would help provide the help and support foster children need," he said.

Neumann has a few people he’d like to thank for his success during school.

“There are several mentors and teachers at Oasis that I would like to thank. Mr. Eric Grimes, Mr. Andy Lenon, Mr. Evan Brandt, Fenn Mackedon, and countless others played a significant role in my success at Oasis. Their guidance, support, and belief in me fueled my determination to strive for greatness,” he said. 

Counselor Andy Lenon’s relationship is especially important to the senior. 

“My time with Mr. Lenon has been so much fun and we have a great relationship. I am truly grateful for his mentorship, encouragement, and belief in me,” he added. 

Eric Grimes’ Government class was Neumann’s favorite.

“Out of all the classes I took at Oasis, my favorite was Government with Mr. Grimes. I enjoyed this class because it gave me an opportunity to express my opinions and engage in debates and discussions. It taught me the importance of critical thinking as well civic responsibility,” he explained.

Although he only started at Oasis his junior year, there are countless memories and friendships the senior has made. He has been active in school participating in basketball, archery, and baseball this season.

“My time at Oasis has definitely been memorable. Every day brought something new, and I learned a lot about myself and others during my time here. Oasis truly helped me become the person I am today,” Neumann said.

Neumann has advice for future students as well. 

“My advice would be to embrace new experiences and step out of your comfort zone. You can't discover new oceans if you are not willing to lose sight of the shore.  So take advantage of any opportunities presented to you, be it joining clubs, trying out for sports teams, or taking challenging classes. Explore your passions, invest time in building meaningful relationships, and never stop learning and growing,” he said.