It was so exciting seeing all of our students back at school today! We had a great day and appreciate your patience as we iron out the kinks of our new schedule.

There were several things that slowed us down today during student pick-up. Please help us expedite this process:

PULL ALL THE WAY FORWARD. Do not stop at the gate when you see your child. Pull as far forward toward the blue fire hydrant as you can.

DO NOT GET OUT OF YOUR CAR. This slows everyone down.

DO NOT FLIP U-TURNS when you pull out of the driveway. All of the big vehicles have to slow way down and often back up. This slows everyone down.

REMIND YOUR KIDS TO WATCH FOR YOUR CAR. As soon as they see you, they should walk to an exit gate. They don't need to wait for staff to call their name.

HAVE A SIGN WITH YOUR KIDS' NAMES ON IT in a PASSENGER SIDE WINDOW. This helps us call out for kids quickly.

IF YOU HAVE AN 8th GRADER make sure that his or her younger brothers and sisters know that they are to leave class at the same time as the walkers/daycare bus riders (2:55). This will start tomorrow. They are to meet up with each other on the playground at the swings to be escorted over to WNC for pick up. We make an announcement, but when kids don't come out to the playground meeting spot it causes delays.

By having the 8th graders and their siblings leave class at the same time as the students that walk or take daycare transportation, 2:55, we hope to move things along faster. If things don't speed up in the next couple of days we will make additional changes so keep an eye on your email.

Again, we thank you for being patient and polite and for speaking with your children about these new procedures.