Disneyland Trip

Students from Student Council went to Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farms Not Scary Farms this past weekend for a Leadership Retreat. Over fifty students attended the three-day retreat.   

“Thank you to Oasis Administration and Oasis Board for allowing this leadership opportunity to students again. Mrs. Polish was also critical in assisting with all the behind the scenes logistics, along with all the chaperones who attended. 

The energy and enthusiasm that can be reached at a retreat of this caliber is huge, and maintaining that energy for the weekend and beyond is so beneficial to the success of our Student Council/Leadership program. By using the time on this trip to share ideas, bond, and allow students a fun time, we are creating an experience that will lay the groundwork for the success of our Student Council/Leadership program and our school climate and culture. 

Numerous times throughout the weekend we were told that our students were respectful and kind. We could not be more proud of how they all conducted themselves.” explains Student Council/Leadership Advisor Lisa Swan.

Upon returning students are required to submit a paper discussing what type of leader they are, decision making skills they learned, struggles that occurred within their groups, and compromises that were made. The trip was open to all students enrolled in Student Council and students were able to work at the Uniform Store and encouraged to participate in other activities to help raise funds for the trip.