Joshua Bloomfield

Joshua Bloomfield will finish out his senior year at Oasis this May and will receive both his High School Diploma and Associates of Arts Degree from Western Nevada College. “After I graduate I plan to attend UNR where I can then obtain a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Major in Management. From there I plan to go into a field such as radiologist technician or a career in the medical field,” explains Bloomfield.

Starting Oasis in Fifth grade, Bloomfield’s favorite memories are mostly tied to the We the People Program. Bloomfield enjoyed the program so much because, “all of the lessons were unique and forced you to think differently about a situation so it was overall very enlightening for me.”

Who does he want to thank for helping him along the way? “As for a teacher I would like to thank Mr. Martin. He was an amazing influence on me and I feel like he taught not only myself but my entire classes things that normal school curriculum wouldn't be able to. I would also like to thank all of my high school teachers that are currently at Oasis, those being Ms. Bogdanowicz, Mr. Brandt, Mr. Grimes, and Mrs. Stockard. I think all of them are great teachers who have helped me in my academic endeavors thus far.”

“Try your best,” is Bloomfield’s advice for new students. ”Even if you fail, as long as you can look at yourself and say that you tried your best there is no shame in failure. Overall that's probably what has helped me the most at WNC and throughout college. As long as I know I did whatever I could to push myself and try harder to succeed the next time.”