Tuesday, January 11 was National Milk Day and locally owned Sand Hill Dairy generously donated over 550 pints of milk to help the school recognize the day. As part of the celebration Sand Hill owner Isidro Alves led students in the Pledge of Allegiance that morning.

“We cannot thank Sandhill Dairy enough for their generosity.  The kids were so excited to get a little nutritious treat today and we are proud of our local farmers and producers.” said Principal Rochelle Tisdale.

“I think it is great that a school would make it a priority to recognize a day like today to students. By celebrating milk you are also recognizing Dairy Farmers who are a big part of our community.” added Alves. “Speaking on behalf of them, the recognition is very much appreciated.”

The ice-cold milk provided a refreshing treat with students having the option of white, chocolate or strawberry milk. Every Kindergarten through eighth grade student at Oasis Academy received a pint.