Khang Nguyen

Heading to the University of Nevada, Reno as a Business Finance Major in the Fall Khan Nguyen will complete his High School Diploma and Associate of Arts through Oasis Academy’s Jump Start College program with Western Nevada College in May.

While attending Oasis Nguyen has participated in several extracurricular activities including We the People, Project Citizen, Student Council, Leadership, Mock Trials, and Basketball. After being persuaded by his friend, Matt, to participate in We the People it is now one of his favorite Oasis memories. “Not only did it make me a better speaker, but I learned to communicate with others easier.” describes Nguyen. 

“If possible I would thank most of the teachers and anyone else who helped me transfer to Oasis, but if I had to pick one I would give a shout-out to Mr. Brandt because he made his class feel very open and it was where I felt that I was beginning to be a part of Oasis.” continues Nguyen describing his OACP experience.  

Nguyen is looking forward to attending college and is especially looking forward to enjoying the experience. His advice for future students, “Some advice that I have for future students is one to try as many things as you can, two learn a little bit about a lot, and third don't stress about the little things.”