Lions Speech

Oasis Sophomore Hunter McNabb and Freshman Kaylamel Carreras participated in the Annual Lions Club Speech Contest on Friday, January 21. 

The annual event gives students the opportunity to display their speech skills by writing and delivering a speech in front of a panel of judges. This year’s topic was "Should Community Service be a Graduation Requirement”. 

This year McNabb finished in first with his speech title Community Service and Carreras finished in second. The first place winner is awarded $75 and moves onto the regional competition in Reno with the opportunity to win a $5000 scholarship.

"It is so awesome to see our underclassmen step up and compete in an event that is so nerve wracking. Public speaking is continually ranked as a top fear for so many but they never hesitated to join in.” describes Counselor Andy Lenon of the process. “Preparation and practice is so important for public speaking.  Hunter and Kaylamel continuously rehearsed, revised, and timed their speeches with Ms. Madraso and myself. It was a pleasure watching them both compete and listen to their different takes on community service subjects."