On April 8, 2018, Jaylee McEwen was in the last quarter of her eighth grade year when she suffered a traumatic brain injury. The injury left her unable to return to Oasis that quarter and led to both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation. The now Senior has shown with hard work and determination a person can overcome anything.  

Starting Oasis in the fourth grade, McEwen says “I have always liked the small atmosphere of the school and the support given to my family and I when it was needed the most.” 

This season she is excited to be back on the basketball court after three years of not playing. She serves as both the team point guard and one of two team captains. Besides playing basketball her favorite memories of her time at Oasis are in FFA with teacher Jackie Bogdanowicz. “Ms. B will always be my favorite Ag teacher and I thank her for getting me more involved in FFA.” explains McEwen. 

Along with Ms. Bogdanowicz, McEwen also wants to thank Counselor Andy Lenon. “Mr. Lenon has helped me so much these last few years of high school, and he has always been someone that I could talk to when needed. Both Mr. Lenon and Ms. B have been very supportive of me and pushed me to be a better student and person.”  

“The staff and students along with the community rallied around me and my family during this time. I would like to say that I am 100 percent back to normal but is there truly such a thing as normal? I have lasting side effects that over the course of time I have learned to cope with and overcome.” she continues. “I would like to take this opportunity and say thank you once again to Oasis, the staff, the teachers, the coaches, the students and the parents that took the time to support me and my recovery because of ALL of you I have been successful and happy to say I am proud to be an Oasis Bighorn.” says McEwen. 

In addition to her school activities McEwen is also a member of the Nevada Highschool Rodeo where she team ropes with a fellow Oasis student Tylie Norcutt. 

Her advice for fellow students? “My best advice to fellow students is: Stay up on your work, listen to your mom, but most of all enjoy every moment of high school because it's true what they say it flies by.”

“Jaylee is one of the most resilient students I have had the opportunity to work with at the Oasis Academy. Her story is inspiring, and it was so awesome to see an entire community rally behind her and the family.” describes Counselor Andy Lenon of Jaylee. “Getting to be a part of her journey here at Oasis is truly something special to me. She just has the best attitude and goes about her day with a smile, optimistic attitude, and some awesome hunting stories.” 

McEwen will graduate in May with both her high school diploma and associate degree from Western Nevada College. This fall she will begin studying at The University of Montana Western in Dillon, Montana and work towards a bachelor’s degree in Ag Business and Horsemanship. The degree is one more step towards her dream job of being a livestock officer.