Sierra Williams

Senior Sierra Williams started at Oasis Academy in first grade and one of her favorite memories at Oasis revolves around those early years.  

“One of my favorite memories from Oasis is playing four square as a kid,” said Williams. She has also enjoyed playing basketball in middle school and being part of the Oasis Cheer Team. Williams was Cheer Captain last year.

Williams is grateful for the teachers and support she has had while attending the school. “I would like to thank Mrs. Shayna Byrd and Mrs. Cheryl Venturacci for everything they have done for me. Out of all of my teachers and mentors they have believed in me the most and have given me the most support. I couldn’t have made it without you,” she explained. 

In May, Williams will graduate with her high school diploma as well as her Associate of Science from Western Nevada College. “My favorite class was always English but recently I have loved Chemistry and Biology as well.” 

“My plans after graduation are to go to the University of Nevada Reno and earn my Bachelor of Science with a Major in Biology. I plan to then hopefully be accepted into medical school to train to become an Emergency Room Doctor,” added Williams. 

The senior has strong advice for future students as well. “My advice for future students is to not do drugs and do not submit under peer pressure. You don’t need others' approval to succeed, only yourself.”