Holden Feest

Senior Holden Feest has a busy senior year ahead of him as both Student Body Secretary and part of Oasis’ Chapter of National Honor Society. He also volunteers regularly at Fallon Daily Bread and works as a city intern at Fallon Convention Center.

Feest has been attending Oasis since it first opened in 2011. “I have had many different teachers who all helped and cared about my education. I have been met with support and a safe environment at Oasis Academy. I’ve also made some great lifelong friends during my time here,” said Feest.

That time has included memorable moments including pizza Thursdays, class trips to the park or movies, and touring college campuses during 8th grade.

“I would like to thank Mrs. Janet Renfro, my eighth-grade teacher. She helped me throughout that year and showed that she really cared about not only me, but the whole class. She also taught one of my favorite classes, Eighth Grade Projects. I learned so many things in her class as well as in Reading with Mrs. Amy O’Flaherty. Mrs. Renfro and Mrs. O made the classes super fun which really made learning easier,” added Feest. 

“My advice for future students would be don’t be jerks and listen to your teachers. Show them respect because it’s just as hard for them as it is for you.”

Graduating in May with his high school diploma and his Associate of Arts from Western Nevada College, Feest plans to continue his education at the University of Nevada, Reno. He is undecided at this time what major he will focus on in his undergraduate studies but looks forward to branching out and getting some experience in different career fields through his college classes to choose one that is best suited for him. He is grateful for the opportunity to have participated in the Jump Start program because it allows him to be two years ahead of the game which will give him the time, he needs to explore different majors and not feel like he's moving backwards while determining his focus of study.