Gianna Salisbury

Oasis Elementary student Gianna Salisbury is a published author. The now fifth grader recently had an article she wrote describing her first hunt published in the Nevada Bighorns Unlimited Journal.  

Salisbury’s article titled My First Hunt details her experience hunting javelina in Arizona in February 2022 with her father. Javelina are pig-like animals in the Southern United States and South America.

“I wanted to get a tag because it's in our blood. I have gone several times with my dad when he gets tags. We always have fun, and I was ready for my own hunt. He’d already taught me a lot, so that made the Hunter Safety Class easier. Because you have to be twelve in Nevada to hunt, we looked into hunting in Arizona, and I drew the tag!” said Salisbury.

The father daughter duo took the 11-hour drive to her designated hunting area near Bagdad, Arizona. They spent a couple very rainy days scouting the area.

“We spent a lot of time glassing or using the scope to look for the javelina. We would see several bedding spots, where they lay down, and tracks, but no animals. Then, on the way back from a supply run, my dad suggested stopping at this one spot. The rain had cleared and after a hike up a hill, we found javelina!” added Salisbury. 

There she shot and hit her target. “I shot him, and he instantly smelled. The smell was horrible! We field dressed it and we are now enjoying javelina meat. I was excited to be able to provide meat for my family. It is really good to eat!” 

The potent odor came from the scent gland located on the animal’s rump. The gland is used to mark their territory. And while the animal may smell, the actual meat smells and tastes great. The family cooks with it and so far has made delicious green Chile Verde served with tortillas. 

“I recommend hunting for kids because it’s a fun activity that gets you outdoors with your family and you get to make wonderful memories.” said Salisbury

Her article appears in Volume 39, Number 2 of the NBU Journal or is available online at