Cas White

Casamaro White’s deep-rooted connection to Oasis Academy started when the school opened in 2011 and he was a first grader. The now graduating senior looks back on his many years and wouldn’t change anything.

 “I’ve been at Oasis since it opened, so I’ve only had one type of schooling experience all of my life. If I could go back in time, I don’t think I would change anything though. The tight bonds created and connections to the staff, have made school more like a family than anything else. I enjoyed showing up to class every day and feeling welcomed. I enjoyed growing up with the school and seeing it evolve into the place it is today. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at Oasis and I’ve made so many memories here,” White said. 

“If I had to choose a mentor or teacher that I would like to thank, it would have to be former Oasis teacher, Mrs. Christine Mori. I had struggled with communication, people thought I was mute, and Mrs. Mori was able to get me to start talking. I am truly thankful for her help in opening up and teaching me about communication. I felt a huge difference between my first few years and my last couple of years because of her teachings,” added White. “I would also like to thank Mrs. Lisa Swan; she has been both a teacher and a mentor and she has done so much for me. I appreciate her pushing me in Student Council and overall, she is a very kind soul who has helped me so much throughout high school.”

White has been involved during his year from playing sports including basketball, lacrosse, and this year on the newly formed Oasis Baseball team, He also has participated in clubs and organizations like National Society of High School Scholars, Student Council, and Honor Society. He is currently the Historian for National Honor Society and the Student Body Treasurer in Student Council. 

White will graduate in May with his High School Diploma as well as his Associate of Science from Western Nevada College. He plans to then go on to work towards a bachelor’s and master’s degrees. He also wants to travel to experience different areas of the world.

“To future students of Oasis, I advise you to enjoy your time in school. Life moves fast and I miss some of my earlier classes at Oasis. The smaller classes help you create strong bonds and lifelong relationships. Ignore what students from the other school say and enjoy your time at Oasis, it’s your life, not theirs. It’s a great school and I’m so glad I got to attend. I’m proud to be a future Oasis Alumni and I can’t wait to see how the school grows in the future.” closed White.