Ky Brown

Oasis Senior Karmyn (Ky) Brown has found a place as part of Oasis Academy that is welcoming and encourages asking critical thinking and asking questions.

“My favorite classes were Government and Algebra 2. Mr. Eric Grimes was constantly asking students questions and encouraging them to look at what is happening in the world daily. He would include topics that were controversial and show us what it was like to be on the other side, encouraging us to think about other people's opinions and views even if we do not agree with them. Mr. Evan Brant made math fun and made me enjoy learning about different formulas and getting ready to take the trig star and ACT. He always made sure we had a breather before our tests and encouraged us to take notes and understand the formulas. He made class fun by ensuring that when we were ahead we would play kahoots or even play games,” said Brown.


Brown started at Oasis junior year and the concerns about transferring were immediately put at ease. “When I started at Oasis it was difficult for me to get involved because I am a queer individual and I didn’t see too many people who I thought I would get along with. Thanks to the kindness and understanding of my peers and the staff I have been called by my preferred name and feel welcome. Many of my peers are open minded and care for others feelings and opinions. I feel like I can thank Mr Grimes for teaching us this mature mindset.”


Brown’s academic journey has included finding a passion for computers and computer science. Graduating in May with both a high school diploma and Associate of Arts from Western Nevada College, Brown will attend the University of Nevada, Reno and study Computer Science Engineering. With the goal of working at Google or Microsoft.


“I would like to thank three teachers, Mr. Andy Lenon and Mr. Jake Lewis and Mr. Eric Grimes. Mr. Lenon has always been able to lend an ear to listen to me and my struggles with school and friends. He has always made me feel better in bad situations and has always been a helping hand. He helped me feel like I was welcome and has been a funny and awesome role model. Mr. Lewis has been there to help me find my way around coding and computers when I needed it. He has always encouraged me to challenge myself and try to do things in a different way. He has also always had a trust and kindness towards me that makes me feel welcome in his class. Again, Mr. Grimes has made me feel welcome by asking us if there is anything we want to talk about and share with the class. He constantly has made me feel welcome in his class. The subject and question have always got my mind running and asking even more questions,” explained Brown.


“Take class slowly and do not worry about it too much, trust your teachers and understand that all they are trying to do is be there for you. Thank you Ms. Jackie Bogdanowicz, Mr. Eric Grimes, Mr. Andy Lenon, Mr. Jake Lewis, Mr. Evan Brant and Mrs. Julie Stockard for helping me through my junior and senior year and graduating on time, and thank you for making me feel welcome.”