Parker Jones

Welding, Archery, Lacrosse, and FFA have kept Senior Parker Jones busy throughout his school career at Oasis Academy. 

“I've been at Oasis since third grade and have enjoyed my social and educational experience,” said Jones.  

The social experiences make up some of his favorite memories of his time at Oasis. “Christmas and Halloween parties in middle school are my favorite memories of the school.’’

As far as the academic aspect, Jones has one teacher he would like to thank. “I would like to thank Ms. Jackie Bogdanowicz for her help and guidance over the years. Biology with Ms. Bogdanowicz was my favorite class. She always made it fun and interesting to learn,” added Jones. 

Jones is an accomplished welder as well. The senior has many certifications including shielded metal arc welding, is certified in all position welding (flat, horizontal, vertical, and overhead), and this semester is working toward obtaining a gas metal arc welding (Mig) certification. Jones has also worked on several projects and even created a small working cannon. 

“My advice for future students is to keep up on your homework and don’t get behind.”

Upon graduating in May with both his high school diploma and Associate of Science Degree from Western Nevada College, Jones will begin a career in Welding.