November is National American Heritage Month. Oasis Academy honors Native Americans and Indigenous people across Churchill County, Nevada and the nation this month. #2021NAHM
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Oasis is excited to be offering ASVAB Career Exploration Testing to sophomores, juniors, and seniors on November 5th at 8 a.m. on campus. To learn more about the ASVAB contact Mr. Lenon at
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Oasis Academy Offerings Food Pantry will be open today from 4:15-6 p.m. For more information call 775-423-5437 or email Shelley Kelly at
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Have you thought about those senior photos yet? Remember you have until Dec. 8th to get photos and quotes submitted for the yearbook. Submissions should include: One main photo-professional looking Two that show you-examples include: a sports photo, baby photo, a fun photo that says "me" ect. Have fun with these. Schedule a professional session or you can do your own, just make sure that you have your camera or phone on a high setting for quality of photos. Send your photos, quote, or ask questions to
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yearbook example
Tomorrow, October 27, the University of Montana, Western will be at school for a presentation at 11: 30am in the High School Hangout. Stop by to learn more about the Montana Western Bulldogs! #montanawestern
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Montana Western 2
Montana Western 1
VFW Patriot's Pen Essay and Audio Essay contest deadline coming up quick, October 31. Have entries to Mr. Lenon on October 28th, Thursday. Contact Mr. Lenon at
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#Seniors! Remember to complete your FAFSAs (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Contact Counselor Andy Lenon with any questions at #financialaid #collegeready
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Happy birthday Mrs. Melinda Santos! Our third grade students are lucky to have such a fantastic and dedicated teacher. Wishing you a wonderful birthday today!
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Mrs. Santos
Community building activities are fun and help instill cooperation and kindness in students. This week first graders created a “spider web” with yarn as they shared an appreciation to a classmate.
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Spider web
Math tip for the week: Bake Something Together You can’t help but use math when you’re baking. Doubling recipes requires multiplying, halving a recipe requires dividing, and measuring a ½ cup or a ¼ teaspoon gets you working with easy fractions. At a more basic level, kids love counting out chocolate chips. (And so do the parents; we speak from experience!) Ask your child: How many chocolate chips do you think it will take to fill one cup? How many for 1/2 cup? Count together and see how close you came to the right answer! Source:
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Today is the Great Nevada ShakeOut. At 10:21 a.m. classes practiced drop, cover, and hold on to protect themselves in the event of an earthquake. Great job students and teachers! #2021greatnevadashakeout #earthquakedrill
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Shake Out 2
Shake Out 3
Shake Out 1
Shake Out 4
Reading tip for the week: Read a child’s favorite book over and over again. This will provide positive reinforcement and your child will gain confidence as they are able to successfully recognize words. Source:
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Kids books
Don't forget to check the Lost and Found Table! Here is the table as of 10/14. All items on table have no name. The table is now located at the front office and parents and students can check it anytime during school hours. The free bin located next to the front doors is also full. It has uniform shirts, pants and jackets. These items are free to anyone that wants them! Please check out both areas! Please label any items your child brings to school!!! We can get them back to them if they have a name.
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Lost and Found
SIGN-UPS END TOMORROW for the Girls Fallon Youth Basketball League. Students from 1st-6th are encouraged to sign up for this fun league. Visit to register. #fallon #youthbasketball
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Youth basketball 1
Youth basketball 2
MS Boys Basketball Tryouts for 5th – 8th grade Friday, October 15: 8:30 - 10:00am at Venturacci Gym Monday, October 18 & Tuesday, October 19: 4:30 – 6:00pm at Oats Park Gym Contact Coach Schank at with any questions.
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Mrs. Wiessmer's second grade class has been working on matter-solids, liquids and gasses. The students used their vocabulary words to describe each substance. Students also observed what happened when vinegar was added to the substances. #scienceisfun #matter
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Matter Experiment 1
Matter Experiment 2
Matter Experiment 3
Matter Experiment 4
Oasis Offerings will be open today from 4-6:15 p.m. The pantry has produce, dairy, meat, meal boxes and hygiene products available. Enter through the Uniform Store. For more information or to donate contact Shelley Kelly at
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The new Picture Day for Kindergarten - 8th graders is TOMORROW Thursday, October 14. If you already paid for pictures, you do not need to pay again. School uniforms are required for all K-8 students. Order your pictures online at Your Picture Day ID remains the same and is: EVT43PZRX Or fill out the picture packet that your child is bringing home and send it, along with your payment, back to school on picture day. All K-8 students must have their picture taken for the yearbook, even if you do not wish to purchase any. Students on the exclusion list should plan to have their picture taken on picture make-up day, November 8th.
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Halloween STEM activities continued with 1st grade classes creating a fence to keep the Creepy Carrots in! Students had to cooperate to build sturdy full proof fences. #creepycarrots #stem
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creepy carrots 1
Creepy Carrots 2
creepy carrots 3
creepy carrots 4
Happy birthday to Mrs. Angela Viera! We appreciate how much you do every day to celebrate Oasis Academy and our students.
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Mrs. Viera